Custom Line Art Picture Necklace

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Color: Silver

Rose Gold
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Every Order is Individual Made!

  • NO TARNISH & NO RUST - All our products have been thoroughly tested - are made of high quality stainless steel and therefore will not rust/discolor
  • ETERNAL BOND - Our necklace symbolizes the eternal bond with your dearest people and animals
  • HANDDRAWN - Each photo is hand drawn by our artists
  • MADE INDIVIDUAL - Each piece of jewelry is made individually for our customers

  • Capture your most beautiful moments Now 

    Our jewelry is unique and individually created just for you. Your engraved photo is an eye-catcher and draws 100% of the attention to you. We immortalise your most beautiful moments



      • Material: high quality stainless steel
      • Length: 45cm - adjustable
      • Colors: silver, gold and rose gold

    Our beautiful modern gifts with engraving become very special with a personal message. An engraved necklace perpetuates the bond, always carry it close to you.


    How to Order?

    1. Choose your favourite Photo, so we can print them out.
    2. Choose your text on the poster(1-3 sentences) that our friends will say. These sentences are written on the poster and will be spoken by us.
    3. Add your favourite Song to it, you can also choose the second to start for example: Happy Song (0:15)
    4. If you have any special wishes (putting on Shirt etc.), feel free to add this on the “Text on Poster” field.
    5. When the video is made, it will be delivered by email within 1 to 3 Days (African Team 1-2 Days). Please also keep an eye on your spam inbox.

    How to add a Song?

    Add this to the field “WIshing Song” : (0:30)"Pharrell Williams - Happy" Or the Youtube Link

    Is it only for Birthday?

    No, we can make videos for every occasion like Graduation, Promotion, Mothers Day.

    What is the Delivery Time?

    We need 1-3 Days (African Team 1-2 Days) to deliver the order, if the order volume is high please be patient it may get delayed for a few days. We can only do a specific number of orders per day. So please wait a few days before you message us.

    What if I ordered Next Day Delivery?

    In that case we will prioritise your order and do that before the other ones, in that case it should be done after 1-2 days. Please bear with us since we do all videos one by one. Please note, that on the day you ordered does not count as day one!

    How do I receive the Video?

    Your Video will sent by E-mail with HD Quality, please make sure to check your Spam folder as well.

    How long is a video?

    One video will last 40-60 seconds.

    Will my Video be shared on TikTok?

    No! We only share videos when you allow us, by clicking “Post my video on TikTok”

    Are these Men getting paid well?

    Yes! We are working together and are Partners. They are getting paid well for every single Video.

    I have not received my Order

    We send out ALL orders in time, some of the E-mails may land in SPAM, please also take a look at it. If you still can't find it, feel free to message us and we will send you that one more time :)